Positions Positions

Every football team has 11 players including 10 field player and 1 goalkeeper. Every player has  a major role in the team, whether it offensive or defensive, players look to help the team score goals and prevent the opposition team from scoring.

The list below explains the role every player's position on the football field.


Of all the players on the field, the goalkeeper is the only one who is allowed to handle the ball with his hands. But this rule applies only within the 18 yard penalty area of the keeper’s side.

Central Defenders

Their positions are in front of the goal and their primary responsibility is to stop the opposition from scoring. They are commonly called as centre-backs as they sit back and act as the first line of defense for their side.

Full Backs

Full backs are have a dual role as they often take part in offensive attacks as well. Each team has two full back with one playing on the left and the other on the right.


Midfielders play in the central area of the pitch and are the most hardworking players on the pitch. Their role involves a lot of running which makes physical fitness a priority for any player playing in this position. Their tasks involve ball recovery and maintaining fluidity in the game.


The architects of the attack, forwards are responsible for creating and scoring goals. They play n front of the midfielders and are responsible for breaking down the oppositions defense and translate their creativity into goals. They are also referred to as ‘strikers’ and have to mentally aware at all times.