5 Most Unlucky Footballers Ever

5 Most Unlucky Footballers Ever 5 Most Unlucky Footballers Ever

  1. Andres Escobar:


The surname might send chills down your spine, as the Columbian drug lord had the world at his feet at one point of time. Hailing from the same country, Andres was totally different to the other Escobar.

Lauded as the “The gentleman of Football”, Andres alongside Valderamma had the Columbians believe in a shocking upset by capturing the 1994 world cup. With Pele and other pundits praising the tactically advanced Columbian team, the results seemed to reflect a whole new story. Losing 3-1 to Romania was the worst possible start to their campaign and they entered the Rose Bowl knowing they had to win the game at any cost.

Ten minutes before half-time, Escobar accidentally netted an own goal to give the USA an undeserved lead, with Stewart netting another before Valencia got one back. It was of no consolation whatsoever, and days later his arrival, was shot repeatedly by 6 angry men and succumbed to his injuries. A horrifying end to a promising career.

Source: www.footyjokes.net