Franck Ribery meant no disrespect by throwing Bayern Munich shirt

Franck Ribery meant no disrespect by throwing Bayern Munich shirt Franck Ribery meant no disrespect by throwing Bayern Munich shirt

Franck Ribery says he did not mean any disrespect when he threw his shirt after being substituted in Bayern Munich's Champions League win on Tuesday.

Ribery, 34, was taken out on 78 minutes with the German champions leading 2-0 against Anderlecht, who had been reduced to 10 men following Sven Kums' early dismissal.

As Thomas Muller replaced him, a visibly upset Ribery, Bayern's longest-serving player, took his time leaving from the far end of the pitch, avoided coach Carlo Ancelotti and launched his shirt into the substitutes' bench.

But he said on Instagram on Wednesday that his actions were only a demonstration of his passion for the club.

"I was always one of the honest and loyal players in this business," Ribery posted on Instagram. "I have respect for the fans and for the club I love.

"Throwing my wet jersey yesterday night had nothing to do with disrespect or anything else people who believe or pretend to know me accuse me of.

"This wet jersey which I have worn for more than 10 years now and give my everything for, with all my impulsiveness and my will to win, with which we have achieved so much. Some people will never understand what it means to give everything for your club and I'm sorry for them.

"As long as I stand on the pitch I, Franck Ribery, will defend our colours and will play every game with all of my passion."
Ribery's teammate Arjen Robben had admitted after the game that a win by three goals was a smaller margin than could have been expected against Anderlecht's 10 men.

"Normally if you win a Champions League game 3-0 it's good," he said. "But if you get a penalty after 10 minutes, lead 1-0 and have 11 [men] against 10, you have to be more aggressive and confident.

"You have to show the fans in the stadium a good football game and try to score more goals. That's what's missing.

"I don't really know [why they failed to do more] and we have to question ourselves. We have to talk about this and we have to improve it.

"I mean, we play in the Allianz Arena and for our fans. If you play against 10 men, against Anderlecht, with all due respect, you have to score more goals.

"We haven't done this and that's a pity for us and for our fans."