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Football or Soccer as it is called in certain part of the world, has quite a rich history attached to it. Originating more than 2000 years ago in China, the game spread across Rome, Greece and other parts of Central America. While its origins might have been in East, it was England that had made the game a professional sport in the 18th century.

As time progressed, football clubs were established across towns and cities with each locations having their own professional football club. But, there was still a matter of  the rules and regulations regarding the game that had to be integrated as it is a physically grueling game and the lack limitations could cause serious physical harm to the players.

In 1863, football clubs from London decided to come together and chart up common rules for the game so that it could be played in a fair and non harmful way. A governing body was formed by these clubs called the The Football Association (FA), which is still remains to be the governing body for football in England.

Similar traditions spread across other European countries such as France, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands etc as they all combined to form a separate governing body international football which came to be known as FIFA.

The FA helped spread football across the world looking to popularise the sport amongst people who are unfamiliar with the game. In 1872, the first ever international match between two countries took place when England took on Scotland in a game that finished 0-0. In 1883, The first ever international tournament took place between Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland.

The first international tournament occurred in 1883 and included four national teams: England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. With football football quickly gaining popularity around the world, most countries established their own domestic Championships and Leagues that are now one of the most watched tournaments in the world.

With an estimated 3.5 billion viewership, football has now grown to become the most popular sport in the world mainly in Europe, South America and Asia. Club football in particular has grown substantially over the last 5 decades with each country boasting their own domestic football Leagues like the English Premier League in England, La-Liga in Spain, Bundesliga in Germany, Ligue 1 in France, Serie A i Italy and many more.